Movable Glass Walls


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Exterior Glass Wall Technology

Folding glass walls, Lift and Slide glass walls, and Sliding Infinity glass walls provide a transparency between the indoor and the outdoors. The addition of movable glass walls into building design provides a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors. Movable Glass Walls Inc. combines modern advances in glass technology with unique engineering and quality hardware to provide clients with a beautiful
and climate controlled luxurious experience.

Luxurious Architectural Design Solutions

Movable Glass Walls Inc. offers architects, builders and designers custom manufactured solutions in contemporary design. The sophisticated technology integrated In Movable Glass Wall Inc’s operating systems provides unique optimization of viewing area…

Environment and Safety… LEED Certification

Protection of fingers is a serious consideration when choosing folding glass walls. Movable Glass Walls Inc. provides cutting edge technology to meet safety and environmental concerns. The sophisticated technology prevents fingers from being crushed in the folding of the doors this is a priority when dealing with family members and employees. Environmentally, Movable Glass Walls Inc. provides discerning customers flexibility in choosing a myriad of glass options.

At Movable Glass Walls Inc. we distinguish ourselves through precision manufacturing, rigid inspections, and intensive safety criteria. CNC machined panels have tolerances less than 1/10th of a millimetre.
Anything more will result in unacceptable gaps causing cold drafts. EPDM Compression Seals must be flawless to maximize resistance against the elements. Our hidden bolt technology must perform unimpaired so that the compression occurs at both the top and bottom. Testing has withstood winds of 200 mph.
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Environmentally, Movable Glass Walls Inc offers both professional and private clientele flexibility. Choose from myriads of design options to create light-filled, climate controlled luxury spaces in existing homes or commercial spaces. Quickly comply with egress/ingress limitations, manage load-bearing concerns, and incorporate LEEDS performance criteria. Designers and Architects will appreciate our on-site team of professionals who understand not only the capabilities of our interior and exterior glass wall systems.
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The trend to blend architecture and its surroundings into a cohesive flowing environment birthed an emergent industry; and while it is full of fledgling ideas and innovative approaches, it requires a master’s hand at engineering. Movable Glass Walls Inc excels in this arena. It has been our privilege to incorporate our client’s dreams into reality, by mastering any engineering and architectural challenges that presented themselves.
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We would like to encourage business owners to think outside the constraints of your nominally-built space. Movable Glass Walls Inc can provide glass wall strategies that will increase your visibility, extend your square footage, and incorporate transitional and multifunctional areas to your sales floor. This kind of modernization will immediately attract traffic, but even more importantly, it will help you manage seasonal floor presentations and highlight your most prestigious products.
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