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Architects & Designers

Environmentally, Movable Glass Walls Inc. offers both professional and private clientele flexibility. Choose from myriads of design options to create light-filled, climate controlled luxury spaces in existing homes or commercial spaces. Quickly comply with egress/ingress limitations, manage load-bearing concerns, and incorporate LEEDS performance criteria. Designers and Architects will appreciate our on-site team of professionals who understand not only the capabilities of our interior and exterior glass wall systems, but have surmounted innumerable architectural hurdles concerning both design and installation.

Movable Glass Walls Inc. utilizes two primary glass wall systems; The Prestige and the Sliding Glass Wall System. While Prestige can offer right-hand, left-hand, and bi-parting doors in slim or standard profiles, the Sliding Glass Wall system focuses on left, right, or dual-side openings on monorail, 2-rail, or 3-rail systems. Each can offer more than 100 color and/or glazing options and each features thermally broken aluminum frames and sashes as energy gain features, as well as multi-point locking systems.

In addition, Movable Glass Walls Inc. can provide lightweight interior glass wall systems that function without an obtrusive thresh hold, utilizing instead, a unique flat bottom rail solution.

Architects will be extremely interested in our complete window systems. Designed to optimize safety and security when parallel openings are restricted to 100 mm, they significantly increase the security of a building while providing the aesthetic benefit of a consistent glass angle. They are an energy-compliant (U-value down to 2.25 W/m2K), high-performance aluminum system that includes solutions for standard application windows and window doors.

Designers will also want to consider our Curtain Wall Systems which offer 11 individual styles and variations on the outward appearance. This innovative system can combine any vertical and inclined planes while flawlessly integrating vents. Technical solutions include performance requirements of facades such as insulation and fireproofing solutions.

Each of these systems can be integrated with motorized screens, blinds, and drapes; according to criteria you and/or your client prefer.

We would love to consult with you in greater detail. Please feel free to contact us.