top-hungAre Folding Glass Walls better Bottom Rolling or Top Hung?

The team at Movable Glass Walls Inc. have manufactured, sold and installed both top hung and bottom rolling types of Folding Glass Door systems. We have experienced both first hand and observed how each one has performed in everyday situations.

Benefits of Weight Load on Bottom Rollers

Bottom Rolling Doors help alleviate the pressure on the top lintel. This avoids deflection from the beam and any subsequent interference of the smooth operation of the doors. It also makes it easier for builders to calculate the weight on the structural foundation . In order to avoid any issues of the top popping out, the Folding Glass Wall system has incorporated a  captive top guide channel.

Movable Glass Walls Inc. Folding Glass Doors systems counter this issue by making the top guide “captive”. This eliminates any risk of the top rolling guide from popping out. The extrusion lips shown below and outlined in red are designed into Movable Glass Wall System.
Movable Glass Walls Inc. design prevents this by creating captive roller slots. This prevents any possibility of the rollers popping out.


Eliminating the Fear of Lintel Deflection

Movable Glass Walls Inc. has eliminated the issues of deflection from supporting lintels at the head of the opening by focusing on the Bottom Rolling systems.  This is because there is very little downward weight on the supporting beam as the majority of that weight has now simply been transferred to the bottom rolling track and then through to the foundation below.  There is much less chance of the door panels dropping. The Folding Glass Doors rarely needs to be adjusted.

Some Folding Glass Wall systems have incorporated top rolling mechanisms in order to reduce the height of the door threshold. They do this because there is customer demand for seamless thresholds from indoor to outdoor floor levels.  But again with good design and engineering Movable Glass Walls Inc. have achieved:

  • bottom rolling system has eliminated deflection pressure on lintel
  • very low or flush threshold
  • compression seals to eliminate draft

The image below shows our Flush Thresholds that also allows for bottom rolling. The team at Movable Glass Walls Inc. have not experienced any problems with the bottom rolling tracks becoming impeded by dirt or debris.

Stainless steel, high quality bearing wheels, engineered to optimize weight load (see product comparison chart). The wheels ride on a stainless steel track, eliminating any friction from sand, dirt or debry.
Brushes in front of each wheel clean track reducing wear and tear, ensuring longevity of performance.
The rollers move on a stainless steal track system which keep the systems away from debry that may collect in the channel.  Also Movable Glass Walls Inc. implement rollers with brushes fitted either side of the stainless steel wheels which clears away any dirt before the stainless steel wheels roll.
The graphic above shows an outward opening Folding Glass Walls.
Fully weather rated threshold with full weather rating showing decking outside and timber flooring inside (15mm Step to achieve full weather rating). For Further information please click here for threshold information.