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Business Owners

King St., Toronto

King st Toronto

We would like to encourage business owners to think outside the constraints of your nominally-built space. Movable Glass Walls Inc. can provide glass wall strategies that will increase your visibility, extend your square footage, and incorporate transitional and multifunctional areas to your sales floor. This kind of modernization will immediately attract traffic, but even more importantly, it will help you manage seasonal floor presentations and highlight your most prestigious products.

Keg Montreal Quebec

The Keg, Montreal, Quebec

In spite of the limitations of past generations, today’s glass walls can effectually bypass any load-bearing issues you may have, no matter how many stories reside above you. Glass walls provide an intimate glimpse into your store’s ambiance, and invite participation. Movable Glass Walls Inc. incorporates proven security measures into its walls, including 19mm glass, multi-point lock systems, and a thermally broken aluminum frame and sash. Both the glass and framework are efficient against the cold and approved for wind speeds of up to 200 mph. When appropriate, they can be designed to open to the exterior during summer months.

Movable glass walls help redefine your business. It is our experience traditional walls inhibit a customer’s ability to peruse the entire store. Transitional walls, coupled with motorized blinds and shades, can assist with the task of showcasing your inventory in its best possible light.

Outside seating profits can more than pay for the movable walls in a season. The trend for cafe enjoyment will increase the attractiveness of your establishment for your patrons.