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Movable Glass Walls: A Luxurious Way to Bring The Outdoors In

Have you ever considered knocking out your home’s back wall and opening up the space to a beautiful garden or a sparkling pool? Now, thanks to the technology of Moveable Glass Walls this wish can become a reality.


Moveable Glass Walls Inc. produces luxury design features that combine indoor comfort with the beauty of the elements of nature. During the summer months a Moveable Glass Wall extends the living space to include the outdoors. More people are including the outdoor space as part of their actual living space making it the favorite room in their home during the summer months. Outdoor kitchens, spa pools and heated patios have become a huge trend, which is enhanced by the idea of a large glass walls that effortlessly move without obstruction of view. During the winter months the thermo-technology of the glass wall system keeps the indoors warm and resistant to wind and weather.


Movable Glass Walls create the “wow” factor in the home, enhanced by the electronic motorized screens which are custom fitted to prevent insects from coming in. The wall system actually enlarges your living space giving the illusion of grandeur.


Whether you are considering this type of design because you want to create a sanctuary in your back yard to avoid driving to a cottage, or whether you like the idea of an extended, luxurious bug free space at your vacation property, large glass panels that move effortlessly is a trend that is here to stay.