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Folding Glass Walls

IMG_0690External Folding Glass Walls

External Folding Glass Walls are the latest must have item to include in any home improvement project. The benefits of Movable Glass Walls have many advantages over the standard patio doors or French door combinations.

Clear Opening Percentage

The main benefit of Movable Glass Wall systems is the ability to open large expanses of exterior walls creating a seamless transition form the inside to the outside of the building. The first benefit is the clear opening percentage of the aperture.

Aluminum External Folding Glass Walls can achieve a clear opening of around 90% of the opening width. Lift and Slide systems can achieve 100% opening while giving large glass visual benefits.


Sliding Patio Doors are usually restricted to just 50% clear opening as each door slides behind the next. Also the structural elements and the quality of materials do not allow the movement of large insulated glass units making the visual area approximately 3’ per door.

Movable Glass Walls Inc. has a triple track systems, available which can achieve enormous height and width maximums. Large Glass Expanses – Even when closed!

All system companies are working towards achieving even greater glass expanses. Aluminum Thermally Broken Folding Glass Walls clearly have a vast advantage in this regard due to high end structural Aluminum sections and state of the art engineering.

Movable Glass Walls Inc. provides every conceivable configuration of Bi-Folding Glass Walls!

Whether you want opening in or opening out the choice is yours. If you want to split the sections of a 4 panel Folding Glass Wall then you can have either of the following configurations:

a) All 4 panels open right or left with end panel as traffic door (outside view shown)
b) All 4 panels open left with end panel as traffic door (outside view shown).
c) 3 panels moving right and traffic door to left (outside view shown).
d) 3 panels moving left and the traffic door opens to the right (outside view shown).
Full Range Of Colours

To top it all off there are around 400 colours to choose from and you can even have one colour inside and another colour outside. (Note these usually take longer to produce as they are bespoke orders).