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In Front of The Trend Curve

The trend to blend architecture and its surroundings into a cohesive flowing environment birthed an emergent industry; and while it is full of fledgling ideas and innovative approaches, it requires a master’s hand at engineering. Movable Glass Walls Inc. excels in this arena. It has been our privilege to incorporate our client’s dreams into reality, by mastering any engineering and architectural challenges that presented themselves.

Our real-world experience helped us become a finely-honed team who, having successfully navigated the early waters of uncertainty, continually improved every aspect of our design, manufacturing, and installation processes so that we could confidently provide real-world elegance and environmentally enhancing attributes to any type of construction, old or new.

Wherever clients saw potential, we responded with viable engineering tactics and quality materials. This collaborative visionary approach helped us devise new products that have far-reaching potential, and helped us gain the confidence to display them in every medium possible. Worth noting are light-weight interior glass walls, precisely engineered windows with consistent light-enhancing angles, and glass railing systems that permit even balcony rails the opportunity integrate unobstructed views from the highest levels.

As our processes and insights culminate in the years to come, we envision working with the finest architects and designers of our century who, like us, believe in the importance of incorporating energy-saving light into responsible architecture.