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Lift Slide Series


Sliding Glass Wall Systems will provide thermal protection and will create a magnificent view while maintaining functionality

Sliding Glass Door Systems

Movable Glass Walls Inc. provides a premium insulating Lift and Slide system, designed to create large areas of moving glass. The Lift and Slide system is capable of easily lifting massive sheets of glass allowing the wall to move smoothly and effortlessly.  The Lift and Slide system creates the esthetics of large viewing areas providing increased comfort. The Lift Slide system allows the creation of glazed doors with extreme dimensions and weights up to 800 kg.


The Lift and Slide Movable Glass Walls offers unique options for the designer.  The combination of Mono Rail, Dual Rail and Triple Rail options, together with various integrated fixed glass and pocket door applications, give the architect a limitless pallet for unique design.  We also offer an aesthetical minimalistic fixed middle section capability.

Aesthetic Functionality

The Lift and Slide systems come in two options: LS 130 and the LS 155. Both are highly insulated and meet the highest requirements with regards to insulation, stability and safety. This robust system allows the construction of large and stable sliding windows and doors with a vent weight up to 800 kg. It also offers an aesthetic slim line middle section. Additionally, LS 130/ 155 can comply with burglar resistance class 2, offering a safe and secure solution.
The new LS 155 can be upgraded to High Insulation (HI) in order to achieve even better insulation values, which makes the system suitable for low energy buildings. LS 155 is available with various opening possibilities and the low threshold option offers a solution to improve the buildings accessibility. Optional automatic opening solutions guarantee a maximum of comfort.
 Additionally, LS 155 can comply with burglar resistance class 2, offering a safe and secure solution.

Movable Glass Walls Inc. Lift and Slide systems are available with various opening options. The low threshold option offers the ability to improve a buildings accessibility, while offering massive glass openings for viewing pleasure when the outside whether is prohibitive.

The system is compatible with the Folding Glass Wall systems, allowing designers to integrate both systems in their contemporary architectural designs.

Product Features

  • Standard Features: Thermally broken aluminum; Lift & Slide technology.
  • System Variants: Left, right, or dual-side openings; fixed panel option available; Monorail, 2-Rail or 3-Rail systems.
  • System Options: Standard or Low Threshold Profile; double or triple glazing options; over 100 color options available.
Pocket door option allow for massive openings with minimal obstruction