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Product Line Overview

IMG_2299Contemporary architecture aims at fading the interior- and exterior borders of a building to obtain optimal comfort and space efficiency. Movable Glass Walls Inc. offers the perfect solution to these specific needs. Both the large lift and slide glass walls and folding glass walls create large glass areas and allow more natural light to enter the home, with a minimal impact on the usage of space.

Open to all possibilities

To address all possible needs, Movable Glass Walls Inc. sliding and folding systems offer an extremely wide range of manual and automatic opening possibilities; from mono-rails which can disappear into a wall, over 4-rail solutions creating huge open areas, to folding systems that offer ultimate openness.

Movable Glass Wall Options

CIMG3126The difference in these possibilities can be described as:

  1. a monorail combining a moving part with a fixed glazed element. The glazed element is anchored directly into the outer frame profile, creating a minimalistic look. A monorail sliding element can also disappear into a wall, depending on which system you choose.
  2. a duo rail integrates 2 glazed opening vents that have an identical look, resulting in an aesthetic sliding door.
  3. 3- and 4-rail integrates extra rails in the outer frame allowing extra opening vents to be installed. This solution is very interesting to increase the possible opening area of the sliding element.
  4. folding door system creates the ultimate opening area. In this system, the glazed elements are folded to the in -or outside of a wall by use of a rail.

A matter of comfort

IMG_7977-2The use of thermally broken aluminum material complies with the strength and stability requirements of such large glass areas.
To ensure the comfortable way of opening the movable glass wall elements, Movable Glass Walls Inc. offers both high quality Lift and Slide Glass Walls and Folding Glass Wall solutions, with stainless steel wheels and rails. Both solutions are perfectly durable and ergonomic for standard sliding elements. To increase the level of comfort, we also offer lift & slide solutions, in which the sliding door is lifted up before moving across the rails. At the same time, this provides extra sealing and locking possibilities. For optimal comfort, a completely automated opening is also available.


Our sliding systems require low maintenance and provide quality warranties. All systems come in high levels of insulation and safety.
The large variety of colours and finishes range from a matt, gloss or metallic finish, to a special low maintenance and scratch resistant Coatex finish. Even a realistic faux wood effect is an option. This choice is available for both the inside and the outside of the sliding or folding door.