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Colour Options

The freedom to choose colour.

colorsOur Aluminum Sliding glass doors offer you more than 400 top quality colours: gloss and matt finishes, pastel shades, metallic and anodised colours, colours with scratch-resistant, low maintenance Coatex structure and wood imitations.

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Surface treatment

color-2Reynaers profiles are extruded using aluminum with EN 573-3 (AW 6060) alloy. This alloy offers very high durability and resistance to deterioration due to external weather conditions. The protection and colouring of aluminum profiles can be carried out using either lacquering or anodisation.

The lacquering or enameling is carried out in accordance with Qualicoat specifications and consists in applying a coloured layer of powder to the profiles and enameling at between 180 and 200°C so as to obtain a set layer.

With anodisation, in accordance with the Qualanod specifications, a hard layer of oxide is applied, which hermetically seals the aluminum off from the air and consequently protects against corrosion. The “metallic aspect” of the profiles remains visible. In order to optimize the aesthetic value of the anodisation coat, this may be performed in a range of different colours. In addition, it is possible to obtain a different appearance by means of a specific pretreatment (e.g., brushing).


Coatex, maintenance friendly and scratch-resistant structure lacquer

Coatex, the structure lacquer from Reynaers Aluminum, has an especially attractive appearance and offers higher scratch resistance than traditional lacquers. Official tests show that Coatex is up to 65% more scratch-resistant than standard powder lacquer. What is more, windows and doors lacquered with Coatex only require half as much maintenance. Simply because Coatex likes the rain. Coatex is suited to all aluminum profiles for windows, doors, conservatories and façades.