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Folding Glass Wall Threshold Options

IMG_2084Folding Glass Wall

One of the major requirements when customers envision their Movable Glass Walls is how smooth the transition between indoor and outdoor floor levels will be.  To some degree this depends largely on what is planned for the external flooring on the project.

Movable Glass Walls Inc. offers 4 choices of threshold levels (see below for details). Some factors to consider when choosing a threshold level is the amount of wind, rain, snow and ice that will be directed at the opening.  While it may be nice to have flush threshold on a Folding Glass Wall there are some points to carefully consider during planning and purchasing.

  • Water Tightness – most flush thresholds will not carry a rating and as such should only be chosen with this understanding clearly in focus. (Water tightness ratings are calculated based on the ability of the closed and fastened elements to resist water penetration under test conditions for the specified time. (Weather tightness ratings are established via the following test standard BS EN 1027: 2000)
  • Air Tightness – most flush thresholds incorporate a brush pile seal to avoid sticking/friction between the seal and the flooring. Brush pile has poor air sealing performance when compared to EPDM rubber gaskets.
  • Drainage – As the threshold profile is flush at floor level (no rebate or drainage collection holes) the water has to be collected and removed by other means. The usual method is to install an under threshold drain that is as wide as the threshold profile width.

Folding Glass Wall Cross Sections

Showing Four Level of Thresholds

Standard Profile Cross Section

Slim line Cross Section

The Folding Glass Walls are available in two profile preferences. The presiding cross sections demonstrate the differences between standard profile and slim line profile.  This will will help you envisage glass to frame proportions of the Folding Glass Wall Sections.

There are two sizes of vent available to choose from. The standard offers sightlines of 144mm from panel to panel while the SL Slimline version offers sightlines of 122mm from panel to panel.

The SL version also offers increased U Value performance and with our optional 44mm Triple Glazed Unit the overall Glass Wall system can achieve 1.2W/m2K.

Even with a standard 28mm Glass unit the doors easily achieves the required U Value for Building Regulations.
It should be noted that all flush thresholds do not carry a weather rating. If you can live with a 15mm step then our standard threshold can achieve a full weather rating.

Four Threshold Options

Meeting Building Envelope Requirements

Where there is a requirement for greater Water Rating for instance in a high rise situation then we offer a solution of various threshold types with ratings up to 600pa incorporating various threshold arrangements to accommodate this. See below typical sill option.